How can I determine if My personal Girlfriend is Flirting for Fun?

Reader matter:

How do i understand if my girlfriend is merely “fun flirting” or if perhaps she doesn’t love me personally anymore?

-Colin B. (Virginia)

Specialist’s Response:

Hey Colin,

Just what a fascinating concern. Whenever we were having a two-way conversation, i’d ask you to answer for a lot more details. But since this is actually me practically writing you a letter, i shall need to use my creativeness and cognoscente imagination. I’m assuming you and this woman tend to be exclusive. (In case you aren’t exclusive, you then really don’t reach take into account the amount of flirting she actually is performing.) okay, therefore if we have set up the two of you tend to be exclusive plus girlfriend is hugging, keeping hands with, whispering to and giggling at everything your 10 best man pals state, then “Houston, we now have problems.”

The definition of flirting will be “behave as if attracted to or attempting to attract somebody, but also for enjoyment versus with significant intentions.” Though the gf doesn’t thinking about actually creating completely with or sleeping with among men she flirts with, it is still upsetting for your requirements – long lasting amount of flirting it really is. Chances are high, she doesn’t also understand she actually is carrying it out. Therefore stay the girl all the way down and tell this lady about how precisely it does make you feel. If she listens and prevents flirting along with other dudes, next she cares about you. If she goes on the woman enjoyable flirty steps, this may be’s possible she’s not willing to settle-down.

Thanks for trying,


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